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MRG - Real Estate Experts in

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Services 


MRG, is a diversified full service real estate firm that serves Middle Tennessee.  The company was formed to provide multiple real estate services under one roof. We specialize in valuation and consulting services for both commercial and residential real estate.

Our clients range from homeowners, investors, developers, to bankers and financial institutions. We aim to provide personalized and professional service to meet each of our clients unique needs.

MRG Mansfield Realty Group Nashville, TN





Financial Institutions


Real Estate Valuation

MRG specializes in valuation of commercial and residential real estate in Middle Tennessee. We are a leading provider of valuations for the mortgage lending industry as well as appraisals for individual clients. We have a proven track record of reducing lenders time, efforts and costs in the valuation process.

Our geographic focus has been on Middle Tennessee with the following

property types appraised:

  • Single Family Residential

  • Multi-Family Residential

  • Retail

  • Office

  • Land

  • Special Use Properties

Commercial Valuaton
MRG Mansfield Realty Group Nashville, TN

Commercial Valuation 

We cover conventional and complex properties of varying types and industries with a wide range of services. Our chief appraiser holds the MAI designation with the Appraisal Institute. The MAI designation has long been recognized by courts of law, government agencies, financial institutions, and investors as a mark of excellence in the field of real estate valuation and analysis.


We provide appraisals for the following property types:

  • Retail properties

  • Multi-family properties/Apartments

  • Land

  • Office properties

  • Industrial properties

  • Special Use properties

There are  many different purposes for commercial valuation ranging from:

  • Buying/Selling

  • Mortgage Financing/Lending

  • Private financing

  • Litigation/Expert witness

  • Estate Settlement

  • Divorce proceedings/Dispute settlement

We focus on delivering the highest quality reports, offering cost effective prices, and completely all appraisals in an efficient timely manner.

Residential Valuation 

Residential valuation plays a critical role in the real estate industry. MRG has a reputation for providing quality, comprehensive residential appraisals in a cost efficient and timely manner. Our chief appraiser holds the SRA designation with the Appraisal Institute. The SRA membership designation is held by professionals who provide a wide range of services for  residential properties related to, providing opinions of value, evaluations, reviews, consulting, and advice regarding investment decisions, among other things.

We provide the following residential valuation services:

  • Single Family Residential

  • Duplex/Tri-plex-4-plex

  • Limited Appraisal 2055 exterior only

  • Relocation Appraisal

  • Recertification/Update of old appraisal

  • Land Appraisal

  • Desk Review

  • Field Review

MRG Mansfield Realty Group Nashville, TN
Residential Valuation

MRG provides consulting services for property owners and investors. We offer specific market analysis and feasibility studies for your investment decisions.


We seek out properties for our investors that will generate above average returns with ample opportunities to create additional value. Our clients rely on our knowledge and expertise to make informed investment decisions. Through analyzing future projections, we can determine if and when your proposed project is feasible. We can with good certainty determine future absorption times based on population and job projections. This detailed analysis provides our clients a clear understanding of market absorption expectations and required rent needed to justify a specific project.

Please contact us to discuss any consulting and investment needs.

Consulting & Investment

Consulting & Investment

MRG Mansfield Realty Group Nashville, TN
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