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Our real estate appraisal professionals can also provide the following products & services

      Valuation Consulting for           

Tax Purposes

We can provide appraisal, research or analysis support for ad valorem tax protest and dispute resolution, income tax and estate tax issues.  We support property tax protest firms and provide market value appraisals as well as uniform and equal consulting reports.

Due Dilligence

We can help our clients by providing a detailed analysis of the asset to be acquired and its surrounding market.

Audit Review

For audit clients we can review cash flow models or internal or third party valuations.

Casualty Loss Appraisals

Properties may qualify for a significant casualty loss tax deduction (regardless of flood insurance coverage) by having a real estate casualty loss appraisal performed.

Market Rent Studies

We can research, analyze and estimate a market lease rate for one space or a portfolio of properties.

Feasibility and Market Studies

For companies investing in or developing a project, we help our clients determine if the proposed project is financially viable and if it will meet their return expectations.

Eminent Domain / Condemnation

For property owners or condemning authorities we can provide appraisal services for pipeline or roadway projects.

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